The Unconventional Convention Center

Last March I was between assignments in Dallas and decided to check out the Irving Convention Center designed by RMJM Hillier Architecture out in Las Collinas. The intention behind it’s design was to create a “non-conventional” convention center and I can attest that this goal was achieved.

This is a very unique structure, for sure. According to Wikipedia, “the Irving Convention Center is designed as two boxes, stacked and rotated to create cantilevered corners that provide several shaded outdoor areas for visitors to use.” This design, as well as the chosen materials, create a variety of angles and textures that resulted in an interesting set of compositions.

See for yourself…

3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas218 3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas196 3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas092 3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas199   3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas117 3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas150