Chatham University – Eden Hall Campus – Falk School of Sustainability & Environment

Another outstanding execution of sustainable design by one of the most impressive firms I have come across. I found Eden Hall Campus at Chatham University while researching innovative design projects for my sustainability portfolio. Designed by MITHUN, this was an inspiration to document from the ground below and skies above. 

Located on 388 acres 18 miles north of Pittsburg, The Eden Hall Campus was created with a sustainable focus at its core. The Falk School of Sustainability & Environment is an inspiration and is paving the way for eco-friendly design.

Students on this campus truly live and breathe the challenges and solutions for integrating sustainable systems into their daily lives. This is an immersive and effective way to experiment and learn. 

Rainwater is collected on site and the overall campus generates more energy than it uses. On site food production is utilized in the cafe and ALL waste nutrients (even human), produced on campus are recycled back into the soil. As a result the site nourishes local habitats and healthy soils while also supporting a curriculum that builds eco-literacy. 

The “new farm” as they reference it, is an inspiring landscape supporting health and wellness while advancing an important idea –  that suburban land can be developed as a net positive resource for urban areas. 

By far the most exciting part of the shoot was flying my drone over the campus. Seeing the site from a bird’s eye view is the most incredible way to display the execution of the overall design. Solar Panels, cisterns, gardens and the flow of the site captured from a single vantage point.

The Eden Hall campus at Chatham University has been received many outstanding awards:

  • LEED Platinum Certified
  • 2018 Best Green Schools Award
  • 2017 AIA Committee of the Environment
  • The Falk School of Sustainability at Eden Hall Campus is a 2018 Environmental Leadership Award recipient, recognized by the Pennsylvania Resources Council.