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LinkedIn Workplace Design Lab Video

I’ve been working on a very fun project that’s finally ready to share!

Over the past few years I have been experimenting with dynamic and creative media techniques to express authentic and exciting new ways for my clients’ to share their work. This endeavor originated in an exploration of still image animation, so I was thrilled to team up with M Moser and LinkedIn to create a full blown video production with this style in mind. The assignment was to showcase the utility of the LinkedIn Workplace Design Lab in Sunnyvale, CA.

Video was needed to convey the unique functionality and characteristics of the design lab which is used to test work spaces of the future. In this space everything from furniture and materials, to design and layout is tested, tweaked, and experimented with.  It was important to the team that the video reflect the innovative and distinct style of the space as well as it’s unique function as a fun and exciting testing ground for new ideas.  To that end I chose a stop motion(ish) style of filming with continuous free flowing video capture so that we could follow employees as they demonstrate the experience of moving throughout the office.  It took a great team of people from LinkedIN, M Moser, Haworth and my awesome team of assistants to pull this off!

I hope you enjoy watching this as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Learn more about the creative process behind the video on LinkedIn.

Adobe’s Renovated Headquarters – San Jose


Over the past year I have been working with Gensler documenting their extraordinary work renovating Adobe’s Headquarters. In this post you will see the FULL set of images capturing the 3 phases of this project.

The Adobe headquarters in San Jose, CA has been completely transformed. Designed by Gensler, Adobe’s goal is to instill a genuine desire for it’s employees to come to work and have unique daily experiences. The new design encourages cross pollination across all sectors and the freedom to work anywhere on site. Driven by the need to attract and retain new talent, one of Adobe’s top priorities was to keep up with the latest trends and attitudes towards design and space within the working environment.

I hope you enjoy viewing the images and please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about this project or any others posted on this Blog.

10-16_gensler_adobe_final-762-edit 10-16_gensler_adobe_final-877-edit 10-16_gensler_adobe_final-980-edit-2 10-16_gensler_adobe_final-1071-edit10-16_gensler_adobe_final-1130-edit 10-16_gensler_adobe_final-1376-edit10-16_gensler_adobe_final-1532-edit

Work Spaces and Break Rooms

9-15_gensler_adobe1-530-edit-edit9-15_gensler_adobe1-042-edit 9-15_gensler_adobe1-078-edit-edit  9-15_gensler_adobe1-159-edit-edit 9-15_gensler_adobe1-299-edit-edit-edit 9-15_gensler_adobe1-350-edit-edit 9-15_gensler_adobe1-426-edit 9-15_gensler_adobe1-503-edit-edit

Executive Lounges

9-15_gensler_adobe1-1434-edit9-15_gensler_adobe1-1706-edit-edit-editLayers Dining


9-15_gensler_adobe1-1166-edit 9-15_gensler_adobe1-1460-edit

Be Well Fitness Center

12-15_gensler_adobefitness-292-edit-edit1  12-15_gensler_adobefitness-355-edit-edit12-15_gensler_adobefitness-163-edit-edit 12-15_gensler_adobefitness-083-edit12-15_gensler_adobefitness-395-edit-edit

Palettes Dining

1-16_gensler_adobe_palettes-098-edit 1-16_gensler_adobe_palettes-151-edit 1-16_gensler_adobe_palettes-016-edit-edit  1-16_gensler_adobe_palettes-068-edit-edit 1-16_gensler_adobe_palettes-284-edit 1-16_gensler_adobe_palettes-386-edit-edit 1-16_gensler_adobe_palettes-304-edit 1-16_gensler_adobe_palettes-451-edit-edit1-16_gensler_adobe_palettes-642-edit 1-16_gensler_adobe_palettes-609-edit

9-15_gensler_adobe1-1447-edit-edit 9-15_gensler_adobe1-1346-edit 9-15_gensler_adobe1-818-edit-edit

Study of Space – SF Workspace

When I visit a site, inherently I want to study the environment to see how people flow through it. How do they occupy the space? Where do they gather? What furniture do they actually use? With all my work, the intention is to understand how humanity interacts with the design. After that is clear I can then populate my imagery with people as they would truly utilize the space.

This video studies both the environment and photographic process at 888 Brannan, designed by Gensler, and Airbnb’s Offices in San Francisco, by Interior Design Fair.




Airbnb recently moved into the old Jewelry Mart building in San Francisco….for those who are locals I am SURE most of you have attended an event or party in this space at one time or another.

I know I have! …though it certainly didn’t look like this…

Now it is an architectural photographer’s dream! Architectural design by Gensler and Interiors by Interior Design Fair, this space is quite inspiring…I’ll spare you my narrative and allow you to come to your own conclusions.10-13_Airbnb_-017

10-13_Airbnb_-03410-13_AirbnbDay2_-242-Edit10-13_Airbnb_-074-Edit 10-13_Airbnb_-141-Edit10-13_AirbnbDay2_-002-Edit 10-13_Airbnb_-175-Edit 10-13_Airbnb_-196-Edit 10-13_Airbnb_-247-Edit 10-13_AirbnbDay2_-001 10-13_AirbnbDay2_-111-Edit 10-13_AirbnbDay2_-278-Edit 10-13_AirbnbDay2_-295.2 10-13_AirbnbDay2_-300-Edit