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Hale Mahana

Check out these fun images from a recent adventure in Honolulu. Lowney Arch designed this 14-story private housing facility for college students in the Honolulu area. For more specific details about the project check out the lowney arch website to see more!

We had a lot of fun flying the drone and capturing dynamic compositions. The weather was a bit tricky, but I was lucky enough to capture these shots in between monsoon like downpours. The rain, the birds and surrounding tall buildings, made this an excellent opportunity to sharpen my piloting skills!

Art Archives: Spain

In 2019 I’ll be sharing a series of blog posts featuring creative images from my archives that have been formative in my photographic journey.

The first set of images are from a series I captured while traveling in Spain as a young graduate student.  I’ll never forget how fun and liberating it felt to wander through the country with a spirit of discovery -no agenda, no schedule- just some cameras (4 to be exact) and a hunger for all the sights and sounds.  The color images in this post were shot with a medium format Holga toy camera loaded with 220 roll film…I was all about efficiency and if I could get more frames per roll, why NOT. Unbeknownst to me at the time, 220 film rolls loose their paper film backs after the first handful of frames… which resulted in these abstract ‘happy accidents’.   Imagine my surprise when I got the film back to discover these richly colored images with harsh red squares of light in the middle.  I knew I was “experimenting” with compositions, multiple exposures and abstraction, but I had no idea this is what I would get.

The image above eventually became the inspiration for my logo and, for me, captures the liminal space where an idea becomes reality.  This theme of bringing the invisible into manifestation is a major theme in my work.  The black and white images were shot with a 35mm Canon film camera and processed with a sepia finish.  I hope you enjoy this excavation into my archives- stay tuned for more coming soon!



Art Archives: Portraits

My great grandmother after a stroke silenced her.

Valeska Voiges, my muse as a student.


My brother Jon and our nephew Lucas James Hagopian.


Lilliana my cousin twice removed.


This image was accepted into President Obama’s library along with a poem written by my Grandmother Patricia Bush.


Isis…an Irsh woman in Santa Barbara experiencing what it is like to wear a burka for one week. 2003

Designed Motivation


I believe, and I think most of us can agree, that truly good design can create an environment people enjoy being a part of. A well designed space can inspire, motivate, and invigorate our spirit. I have found that being directly associated with good design also brings a sense of pride.

So when I photographed this health center, designed by Gensler, it just made sense….if you build a gym that people want to be associated with, provides an inspiring environment that invigorates them, they will WANT to come rather than feel obligated. See for yourself…



10-14_Gensler_SymantecMV-103-Edit  10-14_Gensler_SymantecMV-337-Edit



1st PLACE for Architectural Photography: APA National Competition!!!

APA_Award_1STPLACEOWWTP-0301-lpI am super excited to announce that I won 1st PLACE in the 2013 APA National Competition!

The competition was stiff! Two of the world’s top architectural photographers,  John Muggenborg and Tim Griffith  came in 2nd and 3rd place. Needless to say I am thrilled and more motivated than ever to keep creating! Here are a few more from the Oceanside Wastewater Treatment Plant and Art Institute of California.

OWWTP-0315-lp OWWTP-0295-lp OWWTP-0055-lp OWWTP-0183-lp-Edit Art_Institute-0012-lp Art_Institute-0008-lp-edit Art_Institute-0049-lp Art_Institute-0167-lp-edit

Back To School!

PfauLong_SPES-0382-EditEarlier this year I had the honor of photographing St. Paul’s Episcopal for Pfau Long Architecture.

For this shoot it was vital to have the children using the space. I had a lot of fun with this project.

PfauLong_SPES-0129-Edit2SKY PfauLong_SPES-0247-Edit2 PfauLong_SPES-0269-EditFLAT PfauLong_SPES-0283-EditF2

Ashland Youth Center


I photographed the Ashland Youth Center for a few months ago for their Bay Friendly Landscape.

The new Ashland Youth Center, a $25M redevelopment project consisting of the construction of a 31,500 square foot facility, provides a wide variety of youth-oriented programs including job training, educational assistance, arts and cultural programs, recreation, and health and wellness services. The Ashland Youth Center will include a community health clinic, library, day care facility, multi-media room, dance studio, weight room, arts room and a café. The Youth Center will be managed by the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, and will be operated in conjunction with numerous partners providing services to the youth members.

Amazing Architecture 1: Santiago Calatrava

Architectural Photograph

A few years ago we traveled to Chicago for GreenBuild.
I was in heaven…surrounded by amazing architecture.
I would have been content just staying there, but Michael, my husband and architect, insisted we take a road trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to experience Santiago Calatrava’s 1st project in the United States. As an architectural photographer I should have been excited, but to be honest, I had NO IDEA what I was in for.

Calatrava’s addition to the Milwaukee Art Museum is more “kinetic sculpture” than museum for displaying art. It is a masterpiece in and of itself. Inspiring awe and amazement, his design and engineering takes you to another space and time.Architectural PhotographyThe above image received recognition in the 2010 Something Personal Exhibition by the APASF.

Architectural Photograph Architectural Photograph Architectural PhotographWe spent the entire day watching the light change in and around the structure.

Architectural Photograph Architectural Photograph


Calistoga Architectural Photography

Daniel Strening’s (Strening Architects) newly completed project in Calistoga was an excellent site to photograph. It’s funny how working on a beautiful project can excite and energize me! I am looking forward to creating more awesome imagery for Strening Architects!

Here is a description of the project by the architect himself:

This project was the remodel of a residence for a couple from the Washington D.C. area relocating to the Napa Valley.  The couple shared an enthusiasm for contemporary Architecture and an interest in taking advantage of the beautiful site around them.

The original house was a poorly conceived series of stucco boxes with no relationship to the immediate outdoor spaces or the distant vistas. These qualities were some of the more spectacular aspects of the 25 acre site.

Our design response was to create two distinct outdoor ‘loggias’ on the front and back of the house to take advantage of wine country indoor/outdoor living, and to completely re-imagine the front of the house to allow the spectacular view of the Napa Valley to become part of their living experience.

The details of the project make manifest the vision of turning the existing house ‘inside-out’.  The thin line of the loggia roofs, expressed with a steel channel cantilevered off of stone columns, appears as if it’s floating above the outdoor spaces.  The simple palette of materials, stone, stucco, wood and steel are used in a way to bring some refined elegance to the property; reflecting the sophisticated vision of the clients.

Architect: Daniel J. Strening, Architect

Interior Designer: Eugene Anthony and Associates

Landscape Architect: Blasen Landscape Architecture

Contractor: Chris Fultz Construction

Calistoga Architectural Photography

Calistoga Architectural Photography

Calistoga Architectural Photography


Calistoga Architectural Photography