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Designed Motivation


I believe, and I think most of us can agree, that truly good design can create an environment people enjoy being a part of. A well designed space can inspire, motivate, and invigorate our spirit. I have found that being directly associated with good design also brings a sense of pride.

So when I photographed this health center, designed by Gensler, it just made sense….if you build a gym that people want to be associated with, provides an inspiring environment that invigorates them, they will WANT to come rather than feel obligated. See for yourself…



10-14_Gensler_SymantecMV-103-Edit  10-14_Gensler_SymantecMV-337-Edit




Bold Patterns and Vibrant Colors are always a pleasure to photograph. Marimekko makes for a fun interior retail photo shoot.

2-14_Marimekko-2332-14_Marimekko-1592-14_Marimekko-173-Edit-EditMarimekko, Architectural Photography, Retail Photography, Interiors2-14_Marimekko-142