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The Road to Net Zero


I recently had the privilege to photograph DPR’s Net Zero offices in San Francisco for USGBC+ magazine. First of it’s kind in the city, this beautiful workplace has three green walls, light-sensitive skylights, and colorful, open, modern design.

Net Zero means in the course of one year this 24,000 square foot building should generate MORE power than it needs.

Seems like an excellent precedent.

Picking up where my graduate thesis left off long ago, DPR is one of the first shoots to be included in my new personal project documenting extraordinary efforts in sustainable design. Another featured project will be the Bullit Center in Seattle which is the WORLDS GREENEST COMMERCIAL BUILDING.

…quite amazing…see my previous post.




4-15_DPR_USGBC_Portrait062Ted van der Linden – LEED AP BD+C







4-15_BullitCenter1_010Now this is something to get excited about…

The Bullit Center is an amazing demonstration in TRULY SUSTAINABLE DESIGN…no longer is less bad the only option.

Here is a list summarizing the extensive sustainability features this project demonstrates:

– Building Neurology – a computer system that is constantly monitoring and responding to the environment to ensure efficient control of heating/cooling, passive/mechanical ventilation, delighting and metabolic systems

– 575 Solar Panels to create a Net Zero Energy building

– Composting Toilets – That’s RIGHT! and it DOESN’T SMELL! or at least it didn’t when I was there…it’s AMAZING.

– Wastewater from sinks and showers are stored and then cleaned through a constructed wetland before being infiltrated back into the soil to recharge the local aquifer.

– Rainwater catchment – Eventually the building will use only the water it catches on site…they are currently working out regulations with the municipal water district…

– Central – Walk/Bike-able Location

– Natural lighting, radiant heating, active design, regenerative elevator….and much more…check out the website for the full details!



The Unconventional Convention Center

Last March I was between assignments in Dallas and decided to check out the Irving Convention Center designed by RMJM Hillier Architecture out in Las Collinas. The intention behind it’s design was to create a “non-conventional” convention center and I can attest that this goal was achieved.

This is a very unique structure, for sure. According to Wikipedia, “the Irving Convention Center is designed as two boxes, stacked and rotated to create cantilevered corners that provide several shaded outdoor areas for visitors to use.” This design, as well as the chosen materials, create a variety of angles and textures that resulted in an interesting set of compositions.

See for yourself…

3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas218 3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas196 3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas092 3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas199   3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas117 3-15_IrvingConventionCenter_Texas150

Designed Motivation


I believe, and I think most of us can agree, that truly good design can create an environment people enjoy being a part of. A well designed space can inspire, motivate, and invigorate our spirit. I have found that being directly associated with good design also brings a sense of pride.

So when I photographed this health center, designed by Gensler, it just made sense….if you build a gym that people want to be associated with, provides an inspiring environment that invigorates them, they will WANT to come rather than feel obligated. See for yourself…



10-14_Gensler_SymantecMV-103-Edit  10-14_Gensler_SymantecMV-337-Edit