Beyond the Still Image

There will never be a replacement for the traditional still image, however, sometimes it is important to realize we have a lot of simple tools at our disposal to elevate the impact of our story. 

When I’m scouting a site, my instinct is to observe (or if that’s not possible, imagine) the natural flow of humanity through the spaces while paying close attention to key design features. It is important to ask my clients, “What story do we need to tell?” “What is the utility or flow we need to illustrate?” and “How do people occupy this space?”

Together, my clients and my team can then begin to formulate the best visual method to capture the context, feeling, function and experiences the design offers to its users. There are a variety of ways we can approach it:

Drones offer exciting and dramatic ways to demonstrate the context of the design or significant features. 

Integrated Technology Design: TEECOM | Building: Moscone Center | Installation: “PointCloud” by Leo Villareal
Architect: SmithGroup | Sculpture: Rob Ley | Client: Kaiser Permanente Dublin Medical Offices and Cancer Center

Still image animation and GIFs are playful ways to capture anything from the flow and function of the design to innovative construction methods.

Architect: IA Interior Architects | Client: Okta Headquarters
Architect: Lowney Architecture | Module Stacking

Video walk-throughs can provide a playful human perspective, moving through the space demonstrating what we might encounter along the way.

Client: LinkedIn | Architect: M Moser

When it comes down to it, all the technology aside, the most important tool is foresight and planning. My team and I create authentic visual narratives to emulate the experience and intention of the design. Planning ahead gives us time to dream up creative solutions, fill the space with the people who use it, and then roll out a story connecting with your audience. 

Whatever you decide is the best method for telling your story, I look forward to collaborating with you to make it happen.