Art Archives: Spain

In 2019 I’ll be sharing a series of blog posts featuring creative images from my archives that have been formative in my photographic journey.

The first set of images are from a series I captured while traveling in Spain as a young graduate student.  I’ll never forget how fun and liberating it felt to wander through the country with a spirit of discovery -no agenda, no schedule- just some cameras (4 to be exact) and a hunger for all the sights and sounds.  The color images in this post were shot with a medium format Holga toy camera loaded with 220 roll film…I was all about efficiency and if I could get more frames per roll, why NOT. Unbeknownst to me at the time, 220 film rolls loose their paper film backs after the first handful of frames… which resulted in these abstract ‘happy accidents’.   Imagine my surprise when I got the film back to discover these richly colored images with harsh red squares of light in the middle.  I knew I was “experimenting” with compositions, multiple exposures and abstraction, but I had no idea this is what I would get.

The image above eventually became the inspiration for my logo and, for me, captures the liminal space where an idea becomes reality.  This theme of bringing the invisible into manifestation is a major theme in my work.  The black and white images were shot with a 35mm Canon film camera and processed with a sepia finish.  I hope you enjoy this excavation into my archives- stay tuned for more coming soon!