Working through COVID

Even though COVID brought the world to a halt, construction continued to progress. As a result, we had to find ways to adapt to the new environment. With short windows of opportunity to photograph architectural projects, we continued to work. We took proper precautions to document spaces for the long term while honoring the current reality. 

The following images are from StudioG’s Santa Clara Family Health Plan Center, shot in August 2020. We were able to document this project safely with authentic representation of how the spaces are occupied and utilized. All team members on set maintained social distance and wore masks throughout the day. When it was time to populate the images, we had our models masked while determining proper placement, and then briefly remove them once we were ready for the final capture. If social distance was not possible, we photographed the models individually without their masks. This allowed everyone on set to feel comfortable while also creating effective imagery.

As time goes on we will continue to adapt with a hopeful outlook that normalcy is on the horizon.