Phipps Conservatory

I truly believe that when you put out energy that is in line with your deeper intentions, everything begins to fall into place. The decision to photograph the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania occurred spontaneously when I discovered the Center for Sustainable Landscapes.

I was having a conversation with a young woman who visited my table at Build Business. As I was telling her about how excited I was to be headed to Pittsburg after the conference to photograph Mithun’s highly sustainable execution of Chatham University’s Eden Campus (stay tuned for this project), she asked me if I was planning on visiting the Phipps Conservatory. After hearing what she had to say I was determined to add it to my schedule.

This chance encounter and conversation led me to the opportunity of photographing Phipps Conservatory. Their mission is something I stand by personally; “To inspire and educate all with the beauty and importance of plants; to advance sustainability and promote human and environmental well-being through action and research; and to celebrate its historic glasshouse.” To read more about their work, follow this link.

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